What's new?

This web application serves the latest released version of the D-PLACE data repository.

Releases are additionally archived with ZENODO, and the DOI provided by ZENODO should be used when citing particular releases of D-PLACE data.

D-PLACE is a work in progress. We welcome suggestions for corrections and/or for additional data.

The database was originally described in Kirby et al. 2016, when in contained only two major cross-cultural datasets: Murdock’s Ethnographic Atlas and Binford’s Hunter-Gatherer dataset. Since then we have added the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample and Jorgensen’s Western-North American database, and we are currently digitizing and cleaning other cross-cultural datasets we think could be of broad interest.

To suggest a dataset for inclusion, or to see the datasets we are currently working on adding, please visit our GitHub <data> repository, and look for “Issues” tagged with “Dataset”. You can also contact us directly.

The D-PLACE GitHub site also allows you to track corrections and other changes made to individual datasets, discussions over society-language matches, newly added environmental variables, etc.


You can find a list of papers citing D-PLACE at Google Scholar.